How we do things

How we do things

We are here to offer our customers what is important and necessary for them, saving time and money. We know that only when we are together will we succeed, working as a team to create the best customer experience.

We are not afraid to say that we strive for perfection. We work to achieve our goals, but we also have fun moving toward them. From the moment we become part of the organization, we enter a fast, innovative and developing common competition. This is a team, but at the same time individual journey to our goals.

We can write a whole book about our history, but we choose to tell you briefly what drives us to our eMAG goals.
The values that unite us are:

We love what we do

A key element in everything from the way we greet the client to how we write code is that we put a lot of passion into it. The engine that drives us forward is passion and faith in what we do.

We understand the industry we work in

We are the ones who are shaping the future of e-commerce in the region. We do this by always addressing our customers. We put ourselves in their shoes, trying to understand their needs and improve their online shopping experience.

We look around and discover the unknown

We want to see beyond what we can. We avoid superficial arguments and look at things more deeply. We are considering all options, even those that have not been tested ... yet.

We take action!

We act fast because we want to grow fast. We like to move forward, so we make the best decision and act.

We are always one step ahead

Technology is changing, society is changing, and people's habits are changing. That is why it is important not only to correct our behavior, but also to anticipate all these changes.

We create from the available database!

In most cases there is no possibility for direct interaction with customers. That is why it is important to understand the information behind their actions. Only this will help us offer our customers the best.

We are constantly improving our activities

Each of us works with specific processes for his team. The good results come from a deeper understanding of the processes we work with and their continuous improvement. Every time we see that we can do better, we take two steps back and rethink things.

We have the courage to do everything!

Yes! With a lot of courage, we really manage to do everything. We may make mistakes, but that's good because we learn from our mistakes and keep evolving. That's how we realized the first Black Friday in Romania. Our mistakes are commensurate with our ambitions, but what we have learned is much more valuable.

Aim high!

We love to earn, grow and generate revenue. But we also know what that means - constant efforts day after day, without losing sight of our long-term goal.

We make the most of our potential!

We believe that each of us has the strength and ability to grow and develop. We believe in personal development, open communication and cooperation. We learn from the people around us and from the teams that make up eMAG. Proof of this is the spectacular development of our colleagues - from programmer to senior manager, from call center agent to manager.